2nd Annual Fall Retreat: Vashon Island

A short ferry ride, plus a few wrong turns brought 27 GlobeMedders to Vashon Island for our second annual fall retreat!

Bonding over our shared love of the outdoors, we decided that camping was the most fitting way to get to know each other better. The unbelievably stunning setting, cozy campfire and wonderful company made up for the few rainy showers.  Huge thanks to the Bazemore family for letting us use their back woods as our ultimate getaway.

We inhaled delicious burritos and homemade desserts under the stars as we discussed current issues and goals for our chapter. This weekend-long experience was dedicated to learning about the WDA and Cambodia but, even more so, about creating a community for comfortable conversation.

With new members outnumbering returning ones, we decided a name-game was more than necessary. A few embarrassing dance moves later and we became fast-friends.

That’s the thing about GlobeMed. You take a group of passionate students who care about global health and it’s impossible not to get along. Our backgrounds blend together, our differences make us well rounded and our enthusiasm to incite change strengthens our mission.

After a “competitive” game of global health taboo and a few activities, which got us thinking about our organization’s purpose, we all walked away feeling empowered to make this year even more successful than the last.

More members means, more action! This retreat truly reflected the endless possibilities our UW chapter can achieve when inspired individuals get together for a deserving cause.

by Marika Price

See more pictures from the retreat HERE


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