globalhealthU (ghU)

GlobalhealthU, what is that??  

GlobalhealthU is our very own curriculum developed by our desire to provide education and critical discussion to be paired with action. We look specially at how health in the globalized context can be used for good and what it means to be a student for global health.

This Quarter:

This year’s global health education and leadership development curriculum’s theme is: Expanding the Dialogue on Health and Human Rights. The network will explore five questions surrounding this theme. These questions break up the curriculum into five distinct parts, or tracks.

Other great resources!!

READ: Sogge, D. (2002). Give and Take: What’s the Matter with Foreign Aid? New York: Zed Books. pp.24-45.READ: To Hell with Good Intentions, by Ivan Illich

WATCH: The End of Poverty?

READ: “The Discovery of Poverty

READ: Duffel Bag Medicine” by Maya Roberts

WATCH: “The Ethics of Development: Think About It” by UBC’s Ethics in International Engagement & Service Learning (EIESL)


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