Transitions are in full swing! We all can’t wait to see who the new faces of the UW GlobeMed are!

Transitions are starting early this year in hopes that new Directors can assume their new role with the support of former Directors for guidance. This year, all positions are available for anyone who wants to be a part of GlobeMed’s leadership!

Here is a list of all of the Director’s positions that are available for next year with links to their description + application! Please take the time to look over positions that you might be interested in and contact the current director to set up an informal interview (not necessary but highly recommended). Applications are due via email to by Sunday, April 13th at 5pm

If you are a current director and would like to maintain your position next year no need to fill out another application, just shoot an email letting us know that you will be running again. A review committee of Directors will be formed to read over applications and then those nominated by the committee will be placed on a ballot and the entire chapter will vote on next years directors. If nominated you will also have 3mins to stand in front of the chapter and tell them why you should lead GlobeMed. Also, applying for more than one position is encouraged!! 


Director’s Positions

  1. Co-Presidents, Marina/Sammy ( —> APPLICATION 
  2. Director of Finances, Cole Bazemore ( —> APPLICATION
  3. Director of Community Building, Laurie Tran ( —> APPLICATION
  4. Director of Communications, Kelly Bolander ( —> APPLICATION
  5. Campaign Directors, Olivia Lafond/Brittney Sen/Aneka Vo/ ( —> APPLICATION
  6. globalhealthU Directors, Izzy Majcher/Bingjie Wang ( —> APPLICATION
  7. GROW, Katherine Venables ( —> APPLICATION

The Chapter Member handbook is also available for you to take a look at.